My Open Love Letter To My Black Kings

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My Dearest Black King,

If no one has told you today, this week, this month, or even this year that they love you, understand that I do! I love you! I love everything about you. You are beautiful! With each passing year of the last three decades of my life my love for you and all that you represent has sprouted from something that was woven into my DNA.

Black women love you. You are a king. You were divinely made for a special purpose on this earth. There is something about you that is unique and unmatchable. Your ability to possess the perfect balance of strength and vulnerability in everything you do amazes me with each passing encounter.

I unapologetically root for you even when you can not hear my cheers for you over the white noise of the world. When you can not see me through the crowd, I am there. I will always be there. Unmoved, never wavering, and always there to pick you back up when you have fallen.

Despite the world’s strategic plans to mentally dismantle every ounce of pride you possess and the systemic hurdles that are¬†placed¬†along your daily path when you leave your home, since the beginning of time you have fought to overcome it all. When I think of the definition of what it means to truly persevere, I mean truly carry the weight of the world without complaint, I picture your face. You exude the highest quality of resilience even when you are silent. There is just as much power in your moments of¬†isolation¬†as¬†it is when are¬†you bravely¬†safeguarding our community.

You hail from the legacy of strong men who survived the haunting and horrific experiences of slavery to now facing the anonymous searing hate that pierces through the screen of our phone. You have fought and died for us. Reinventing yourself and making a way out of no way.

Never doubt that I need you, Black women need you, Black children need you, or that Black families need you. You are an intricate¬†part of the¬†foundation of your community. No matter what this world does to you, understand that we are here to hold you in your moments of doubt. You are needed as fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, cousins, and as friends. I will¬†proudly welcome the task of building you up. I will shine your crown and be the queen that meets you on the frontline of life’s trying times.

You are apart of me just as much as I am apart of you. 

Your beauty is unique and ranges across all variations of color. With skin as black as onyx or even as pale as ivory, your melanin is that of a particular artistry only handcrafted by God! The legacy that you hail from is that of ancient kings of vast empires that reached far beyond the horizons. That is the lineage that is rushing through your veins. You have traveled the world a thousand times over and possess the power of our ancestors.

I see all of this in you. I hear it in your words and feel the vibrations of your blooming spirit. Even when the world turns a blind eye to all that you have endured and everything that you have accomplished I will remain loyal to you. I will never give up on you!

So stand tall Black king. You are a giant and you reach well beyond the stars. Chest out and chin up. Never be afraid to wear your crown!




  1. Jeremy Franklin says:

    This literally just gave me life! Thoughtfully & elaborately put together. Straight from the heart & I feel it. Peace & Love ‚ė•

  2. Jeremy Franklin says:

    This just gave me life! Thoughtfully & elaborately put together. From the heart & it’s felt! Peace & Love queen. ‚ė•

  3. Mimi says:

    Yass to Black royalty

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