The Size of The Ring DOES Matter

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Many, many, many, many moons ago I myself gotĀ engaged (child, you can read more about dodging thatĀ bullet here). Growing upĀ I readĀ all of the grand fairly tales about the day that a man would get down on his knee confessing his love for me, placing a beautiful ring on my hand and would ask for my hand in marriage.

4 Ways Millennials Can Step It Up At Work Today

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4 ways millennials can step it up at work today


Aah the life of an educated and professionalĀ millennial can be a tricky one. We are chill and super laid back. We are insanelyĀ creative. But we doĀ take a much more liberal approach to building our professional reputations.Ā In order to cash in on the 4 years we spent with our heads buried in those over priced college books dreaming of the day when we will become CEO’s we must get a few things straight.