Fresh Start 31 Day Challenge

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fresh start vitamin c challenge

It’s the 1st of the month. Get up get up get up. Wake up wake up wake up. There is no better way than to start March off than with classic Bone Thugs N Harmony lyrics. Lol don’t judge me. My older sister would play their music when she would put me to bed as a kid.

What better way to start the month off than with a challenge, right? I challenge you to a 31 day challenge of spreading your very own brand of Vitamin “C” where ever you go. Are you up for it? You are, bet! Now I’m not talking about handing out oranges to strangers for 31 days. The C in this challenge stands for caring. So I’ve created 31 ways for 31 days of showing people you know and those that you don’t know that you care.


vitamin c fresh start challenge

Click on the graphic to download it or screenshot it so that you can share it on Instagram, FB, & Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #FSVCMona



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