6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone with Adult Acne

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So you’re out with friends, family, or meeting someone new for the first time and it happens. That dreaded moment that can either make you run into a corner or have you go from 0-60 real quick. Everyone sits down after settling in and you feel the eyes on you. You feel the eyes looking at you but not looking at you. You know what I mean. The eyes of  “She is so pretty but what’s up with her skin?” Yep, I’m talking about adult acne. If you are over the age of 25 you’ve probably heard of one of the following rude comments people tend to say:

“I see you’ve been stressing lately.”



Take a moment. Take that deep breath in and exhale because it’s about to start. Your first thought is probably, “Well damn. Here we go with the beat around the bush attempt to ask me about this explosion of Pluto, Uranus, and Mars on my face. I really don’t feel like talking about it.”

When someone asks if you’ve been stressing out lately they probably have been examining your skin and they are dying to know why your face is breaking out. Typically you can curve this conversation with talk about work.

 “Have you tried Proactiv?”


As soon as this rolls off of someone’s tongue you think, “Nah bruh I never thought of that.” Of course a person with full blown adult acne hasn’t heard of the infamous Proactiv despite there being tv, radio, and internet ads EVERYWHERE! Come on people. Everything ain’t for everybody. Save this annoying question for the 13th of Nevurary!

“Keep your hands out of your face and that acne will clear right up!”


This stupid comment is typically one that the older family members of your family might say. Especially an Aunt Rhonda who’s a home health care professional that drives a Nissan Maxima who equates herself to be a medical aficionado. Seriously though you’d probably have to go rub your face along the inner rim of a public restroom for this theory to be a major factor as to why you have a breakout. Tell Auntie Rhonda to redirect her energy to the young buck she is probably giving her tax return to this year.

“You love sweets hunh?”


When you have adult acne some think that you spend nights in bed gorging Willy Wonka chocolate. So not true! After you tell this idiota (that’s Spanish for idiot)  that you don’t eat sweets often and they respond with a face as if you’re lying just hit them with the Joseline. Can you tell by now that my guilty pleasure are ratchet reality tv shows. Don’t judge me. Lol.

“You should visit a dermatologist.”


Here’s another bright idea a person w/ acne has never contemplated. Visiting the dermatologist is such a hit or miss process and for most who have’t had to deal with adult acne they assume a doctor’s visit is an instant remedy. Let’s not even talk about how expensive it is even when someone has insurance.

My best friend Alex always says that dermatologists do drive-by visits anyway. You pay a $30 copay, wait 30-45 minutes in the waiting area, wait another 20 minutes in the examining room, the doctor comes in touches your face for 2 mins, writes an expensive topical prescription, told to wait 8 – 12 weeks to see a change and chucks you the deuces. Dermatologists are not all that they are cracked up to be.

“Ugh. What is going on with your face?”


Yes,  I know I know. It’s hard to believe that people are out here trying people like this but they are. It’s something about acne with some people that makes them forget all social decorum. When someone is bold enough to come for you like this you have to let them know that you feel tried to the 10th power.

Never allow anyone to box you into a corner and place a magnifying glass on your issue. Hit them with this as a shady comeback, “Ugh. What is going on with your (ex. career, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)” Trust me that little shade session will come to an abrupt end.


Adult acne is something that a lot of people, myself included, deal with on a daily basis. If you are a person who doesn’t have this issue be very careful how you handle your family and friends who do have to deal with adult acne. 

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